the perfect combination

We believe that to achieve the best results, you need people who are as unique as they are similar. That’s why we think our team rules. Meet a few of them below.

(We didn’t want to let too many out of the box!)

Alan Neilson


“It’s all about the challenge of the journey. If it can also be in -50 degree temperature, well, that’s just a bonus “

James Norris

Creative Director

“I was once told that photos of me looked good and that therefore they must have been photoshopped – that still hurts.”

John Hoskison

Front-End Developer/Technical Wizard

“Will code for conditioner, slammin’ riffs and coffee. Preferably in the form of a latte with Garnier syrup, served on a bed of Pantera CDs.”

Susan Allder

Chief Operating Officer

“Older than a calculator,  younger than a dinosaur”

Glen Joslin

Designer/Ibiza visitor

“Not Glyn, it’s Glen… No not Glyndeldorf.”

Nora Harris


“Even though I am clearly American, how come when people here my accent they say I sound Australian??”

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