As a global brand used by some of the top snowboarders, Butta Snowboard Wax wanted various promotional videos and photographic images to show their presence at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show held in London. Posting online to various snowboard and ski websites, as well as their own social media channels, was essential.

“It’s fun & cool to be social…whilst being on brand!”

It was essential for the Butta promotional videos and imagery to reflect Butta’s core values: they are fun, cool, and ethical. The video content had to be fast-paced and dynamic, representing the athletes that depend on their products. Butta engaged us because they trusted our abilities, and knew our love for the sports — and the values their brand represents.

“The greener side of things…”

Butta Snowboard Wax prides itself on being eco-friendly, slashing its carbon footprint, preserving the sea and mountains, and actively supporting the UK economy. It was important to Butta that they worked with a design company that truly shared these values. They found that partner with us.

“A promo for each product”

Along with promoting the company’s presence at the 2015 Ski and Snowboard Show, it was important that we shot promo spots for each of their products. By shooting individual product videos and photographs for Butta Pro, Butter Original and Butta Eco, the company obtained the content they needed to help promote and expand their reach within the marketplace.

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