Since our formation as Card Geotechnics Ltd in 1994, CGL has set new standards for our industry, providing sound engineering-based advice and pragmatic solutions for ground related problems.

“New beginnings”

Working with CGL via a series of workshops helped us to uncover what makes CGL tick. They have an extensive range of engineering services that just weren’t being highlighted on their old website. We made it a priority to showcase these, placing them front and centre.

“Simple yet effective”

The navigation on their old website was disjointed, causing many of CGL’s end users to miss key services or information that CGL provides. The new website’s information architecture was simplified, with much of the content being re-written and re-purposed.

“Flexible and Scaleable”

Since the launch of the new website, many additional features and functionality has been added to aid the marketing and coms team to communicate important information in a more engaging and interactive way.

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