“The challenge”

Coast & Country wanted a website that would enhance their brand, improve user experience and increase user engagement rates. Their stakeholders reported that it was difficult to find information on the text-heavy site, and so it was vital to improve the site’s information architecture.

“Responsive to be responsive”

Optimisation for both mobile and tablet views was an important factor in the development of the project. VerseOne CMS and its front-end framework are optimised for mobile deployment, meaning that there was no retro-fitting later on. Everything was built from the start with a “mobile first” approach.

“The local touch”

Residents of Coast & Country love their local area: it’s important to them and site needs to reflect that. It was important the new site felt warm and inviting. Using depictions of environments they were familiar with and using language that they themselves use, helped to create a user experience that was both reassuring but fresh.

“Including everyone”

Digital inclusion is important to Coast & Country. The website needed to be completely user friendly. simple navigation, clear pathways and sign posting were called for as well as an obvious search function. By identifying the crucial information that Coast & Country’s customers needed we were able to build an intuitive navigational structure that suited the customers needs.

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