Deeplake – The challenge

The creative team were tasked with building the new online home for Deeplake, As a leading supplier of channel shift solutions for social landlords and public authorities. The website needed to be easy to navigate and accessible to all.

Simplify to clarify

Deeplake are market leaders in digital channel shift solutions for local authorities and social housing organisations. Their digital solutions are renowned for their simplicity and flexibility. Naturally, the new Deeplake website needed to convey this information to potential customers swiftly and clearly.

The old website suffered from some familiar issues—the information was too technical and located in too many levels of the site. Organic growth and the implementation of new systems and content meant the site navigation also suffered from a lack of consistency.

A brand: connected

We researched and explored potential branding messages alongside Deeplake’s existing branding. Naturally, these off-line messages had changed over the years diverging from those on the website. Therefore there was a need to re-align the messaging across these different mediums.

We explored various options that used ‘flat design’ and iconography — with various levels of flexibility, all to ensure the brand was connected no matter what the situation.

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