“The Challenge”

Kahvi were looking to take their marketing to the next level by incorporating 3D renders and motion graphics into their already awesome promotional videos. That’s why they asked us to unleash some ideas…

“It’s all in the detail”

Getting the details right when you are re-creating a product is essential, and we take pride in making sure we get it right. Kahvi were kind enough to send us a couple of their products for a 3D modelling reference. We were then able to photograph the product from different angles to get the best possible reference images for the 3D renders.

“Getting dynamic”

Making sure that renders act like they do in real life is one of the key aspects in any sort of animation. It has to be believable for the viewer. From how items fall due to gravity, to the shadows they create, making the images truly dynamic brings the whole scene to life.

“Working well together”

With the help of Firebox Digital, Kahvi saw the following results from the launch of their promo clip.

In just 13 days, Kahvi saw:

551,628 video views on Facebook alone
Almost £6k sales during the same period
Ratio of 1:4 ad spend vs sales revenue

Now that’s a return on investment.

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