“Spirent – The Challenge”

As a global company, improving internal communication can be a big hurdle to cross. Often, you’re trying to create an environment where people feel like they’re part of the same family, while their offices may be thousands of miles apart. Spirent Communications worked with the creative team to create an engaging and functionally-rich intranet experience.

“Clear signposting”

Spirent Communications wanted clear signposting to the areas of the intranet that were most important to their staff. Their vast media library was an essential part of their daily toolkit. Spirent also wanted to promote those staff members that had been recognised for their excellence. Clear icon driven CTA’s was the tool used, utilising their vibrant colour palette.

“Delivered across all devices”

It was important for Spirent Communications that the intranet solution was able to be accessed and used on all devices possible. We used responsive design methodology to accomplish this and to give the employees a consistent and easy-to-navigate experience across the different mediums.

“Working well together”

Spirent Communications needed a solution that could work well with the various systems that were already established within their existing workflow such as Salesforce. The intranet also needed to integrate with One Login to allow employee information to be pulled in order to populate various sections of the site such as the staff directory.

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