The Challenge

Vocoll is a unique and powerful communication and live support application, but in a competitive and crowded marketplace, they also needed a visual identity that would project the core capabilities of the platform while catching the eye and demanding attention

“Hitting the mark”

Although the logo is not the brand itself, it’s nevertheless a visual tool used to help convey the brand. It needs to be timeless, simple and versitile. We worked with the term ‘connectivity’ in mind, using careful kerning and manipulation to create a friendly, recognisable and connected identity.

“Using the power of video”

Alongside creating brand visuals and the website design, We also leveraged the power of motion graphics to help communicate the benefits of the Vocoll platform. The Vocoll teaser can be seen below.

“Straight-forward communication”

Being a web-based platform, Vocoll required a clean, simple-to-use website that is easy on the eye and directs visitors to the incredibly easy sign-up process. We created a long-scroll website incorporating various isometric imagery, delivering the need to know information to the visitor in a clear and straight-forward manner.

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