Although WordPress began it’s life as a blogging platform way back in 2003, it’s now become an incredibly robust and flexible content management system (CMS), capable of powering a variety of websites from the simple to the more complex.  WordPress is one of the most popular content delivery systems around, with over 75,000,000 website being powered by the technology.

Open source

WordPress is an open source product and therefore no licence fee is required. You’re therefore not tied to a single company or developer.  As long as you understand the system you can understand and develop the code allowing you or your staff to enhance the system yourself.

Flexible and expandable

The great thing about WordPress are the sheer number of plugins and themes that you can use. Many are free, although some of the best plugins and themes may come with quite hefty price tags. This means there is often something for everyone or any type of functionality requirement.

A great community

With over 75 million sites being powered by the product the WordPress development community is passionate and knowledgeable and incredibly large. It is a fantastic place to learn more about the core product, find solutions to problems and to see what is in development. The community is always helpful with answering questions or helping to trouble-shoot issues.

Fantastic SEO capabilities

A large variety of SEO plugins are available for WordPress that increase the SEO capabilities of your website. We have a wealth of experience helping our clients create websites that help with their SEO, tailoring content for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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